About Us

Manisha1.JPG?1533137118551Hello and welcome to Noshpod! We are a new online marketplace where you can discover the best hand crafted artisan food and gifts from producers al over the UK.

We hope you enjoy browsing the marketplace. Every product has been tested and hand-picked by us and we can guarantee that our producers have put their heart and soul into developing and making these products.

Occasionally I will update this page with my favourite products or producers that I personally have discovered and love. My current favourites are:

Blueberry and Sipsmith Gin Marshmallows by The Marshmallowist - I first met Oonagh and her marshmallows back in the summer of 2016 at Secret Cinema in London. They were unforgettable so I knew we just had to have them on Noshpod to share with our customers. Those who know me, know that I have an incredibly sweet tooth and these have to be the most amazing, decadent marshmallows that I have ever come across. Made with real fruit and containing no artificial ingredients or flavourings, they come in different flavours with the blueberry and gin being our favourite (followed closely by the toasted coconut!).

8 Blend Selection Box by Teatime - Teatime produce gourmet loose-leaf teas developed to 'pick you up' at each stage of the day, be it first thing in the morning, that 3pm slump or before bed. I couldn't quite decide on my favourite so have included their '8 Blends Selection Box' amongst the tops picks. Their japanese tea baskets and the fact they guarantee the tea to 're-infusable' make these products even more unique.

Chocolate Dream Superfood Blend with Cacao & Beetroot by One Earth Organics - I have two young children who like most children can go through fussy periods of eating. I add this superfood blend to my baking in place of cocoa powder and they really don't notice any difference. This particular blend contains cocoa, carob Beetroot, Chlorella, Vanilla, and Baobab. Susan from One Earth Organics recommends using it in place of hot chocolate, with one small spoon for children and two for adults.