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Young in Spirit

About Young in Spirit

Young In Spirit is the world’s first alcoholic drinks company which combines spirits with pure collagen, with the first product being CollaGin. The brains behind the unique idea are Oxford, UK based PR girls turned 'Gintrepreneurs' Camilla Brown and Liz Beswick.

Camilla, 31, has worked in the hospitality industry for years in all forms - from bar to PR, her passion lies in creating stand-out, and sometimes controversial products that ignite 'surprise and delight'.

Liz, 30, is the 'tonic' to Cam's 'gin' and is the brains behind the collagen aspect. Being a beauty fanatic, Liz takes the company from 'just drinks' to becoming the leaders in collagen distilled spirits, with the vision to produce a selection of premium products by merging the popular worlds of beauty and spirits into one, beautiful unison.

The pair have carefully selected their suppliers to ensure everything remains as local as possible, with the gin being distilled in the Midlands and bottled in Lancashire.

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