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About Dizzy Bee Kitchen

Nicky Halloran started Dizzy Bee three years ago, as she wanted to make something really delicious and healthy for the family. She started to sell the original Fabulously Fruity at local farmers market and word of mouth followed. She now makes seven granolas – one for every day of the week- and has won five Great Taste Awards.

Every batch of granola is made by hand, and using the very best ingredients. Everything Nicky makes is free from weird additives so you can enjoy every bit knowing you are doing your body good. Her packaging is ethically sourced with the aim of keeping a low carbon footprint.

Dizzy Bee granolas are packed with nutritious ingredients such as lucuma, pumpkin, sunflower, chia, hemp, flax seeds, nuts, quinoa, oats and bran and are a delicious, easy way to add nutrients to your day. Their granola is surprisingly low in sugar too with less than 4g and under 200 calories in each bowl.

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