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As the name suggest, at Go Spices they love spices and it was during Carol and Derek's travels through South Asia and South America that they realised the spices and spice blends available at home lack much of the flavour and aroma of those they had experienced in those countries where spice freshness is the norm. They began to investigate and found that by sourcing the finest quality whole spices and grinding and blending them in-house, we could create mixes that bring dishes to life and add a level of authenticity to cuisines from all around the world.

Having enjoyed using our own spices and blends at home we thought it would be a great idea to offer the delights of quality, flavoursome spice mixes to others and Go Spice was born. We have developed some of our favourite mixes using dozens of varieties of whole spices which we grind and blend by hand and pack ourselves.

Carol and Derek then considered the packaging and decided upon jars designed for ease of use in the kitchen. Their stylish, wide necked jars are easy to spoon from and come in sizes to suit most requirements while the screw tops provide easy access and seal to keep in freshness.

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