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About OCTO Chocolate

OCTOChocolate are the creators of Award winning vegan, organic, dairy-free Chocolate.

Truly special was our first instinct when we met them in the September of 2017. All of their products are made of high quality cocoa beans exclusively sourced from ecological farming only. As a sweetener they use the best grade organic Coconut Blossom Nectar, which is one of the healthiest natural sweeteners available.

All of OCTO Chocolate's products are hand-made and hand-wrapped paying meticulous attention to the smallest possible detail. Products by them are smooth, unique and delicately balanced in flavours bringing you a divine chocolate experience every time.

All OCTO Chocolates are DAIRY-free SOY-free Lecithin-Free and they do not use any artificial ingredients. Their packages are bespoke in design bringing you a touch of style and elegance within any of their chocolate ranges. Ideal to be shared for any occasion.

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