Matcha Brewing Kit

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A contemporary style brewing kit combining their finest hand-crafted matcha-ware with our signature Matsu™ artisanal matcha, perfect for your daily ritual.

The Matchæologist® Matcha Brewing Kit combines their signature artisanal grade matcha with a carefully selected assortment of handcrafted matcha-ware products curated and designed to balance traditional ceremonial values with contemporary functionality. The kit contains their artisanal matcha, Matsu™, a Cloud Glass Chawan (handblown double-walled glass bowl), a Full Hand Chasen (full-length bamboo matcha whisk), and a Bamboo Chashaku (matcha measuring spoon), everything you need to partake in an ancient ceremony in modern style.

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Matchæologist® is a luxury artisanal matcha brand that focuses on premium-quality matcha and contemporary matcha-ware products. They specialise in sourcing and curating only the highest-quality, artisanal-grade matcha that rivals fine wine with its multitude and sophistication of flavours in a way that invites further exploration and education in the art of making the traditional delicacy.

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