Revitazest Loose Leaf Tea


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A powerful concoction of nature’s anti-bacterial healers to aid digestion and revitalise!

Health benefits

✔ Digestion

✔ Detox

✔ Anti-bacterial

Time Of The Day

✔ After a snack or meal
✔ As a pick me up
✔ Afternoon tea

Moods & Suggested Use

✔ To Purify
✔ To Warm

✔ To re-energise

✔ On the rocks/Iced Mocktail

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Lemongrass - It is a great plant to cleanse and detoxify. Lemongrass diminishes the retention of cholesterol in the digestive tract, and it's a great source of key vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A, vitamin C, folic acid (which is great for cells renewal), magnesium, zinc, iron and calcium to name only a few.

Clementine Zest - It is rich in flavonoids and natural histamine suppressing compounds. The flavonoids are strong antioxidants that assist the body in reducing oxidative damage and fighting free radicals. Histamine helps with respiratory problems.

Dried Ginger - It's an abundant source of antioxidants including gingerols, shogaols, zingerones, and more. In addition, it has antibacterial, antiviral and antiparasitic properties, to name just several of its many benefits. In Ayurveda, ginger is referred to as an universal medicine, according to the Chopra Center. It is said that ginger not only helps the body with nutrient absorption, but also with losing weight, managing glucose levels and improving circulation, among others.

Brewing Instructions

Allow 1-2 teaspoons per teapot. Brew at 100°C and allow to steep for 2-5 minutes depending on your desired strength. Reinfuse if desired.

Tea Blend Attributes

✔ Chemical free

✔ Perfume free

✔ Caffeine free

✔ Vegetarian
✔ Vegan
✔ Wheat free
✔ Gluten free

✔ Dairy free
✔ Soya free
✔ Nut free
✔ No artificial colours

Try this in many different ways!!

teatime has evolved from a need.

Before "escaping the city", founder Ruby noticed how often her colleagues would grab a tea or coffee during the working day. Caffeine consumption was not just limited to the mornings but lunch, afternoon and sometimes the evenings too! Her colleagues would complain about the level of their daily caffeine intake and being a bit of a self-proclaimed tea connoisseur, Ruby began blending and preparing lots of little tea parcels with mini brewing guides explaining health benefits of each brew. Her colleagues absolutely loved this idea and it was then that Ruby realised this could be beneficial to many busy health-conscious individuals.

teatime brings you gourmet whole-bud and whole-leaf tea. They blend only all-natural teas to keep you going, that are perfume-free, chemical-free and trace-to-zero caffeine. As nothing artificial has been added, no taste or aroma is lost after your 1st brew which makes them reinfusable. We guarantee a minimum of 2 servings per blend.

teatime currently work with some of the leading names in luxury (Mandarin Oriental and Four Seasons Spa) as well as some prominent members in the well-being arena (La Suite West RAW Vegan Restaurant and Free From Festival).

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