Spicy Kecap Manis - marinade, dip, stir-fry


A delicious taste of south-east Asia, Spicy Kecap Manis. It is a deliciously sweet and spicy soy sauce made with fresh ingredients suitable for meat eaters and vegans. Use as a marinade, a stir fry sauce, dressing or dip for meat, fish and tofu.

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Soya beans*, wheat*, water, salt, sugar, ginger, galangal, garlic chillies. (*Allergens)

Saucepan sells hot sauces and marinades made in their kitchen in North London. Their first sauce of the range is stocked across the UK, in Belgium and Nigeria. All saccess are vegan and versatile. They go well with meat, fish and tofu and can be used as a marinade, stir fry sauce, Asian dressing or hot sauce.

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