Natural Hot Chocolate, Mug & Marshmallow Dippers

100g (Jar)
Cao Kitchen

A gorgeous gift of a mini Cao (100g) vegan hot chocolate,a beautiful mug and two vanilla vegan marshmallow dippers. The perfectpresent for foodies, chocolate lovers and those who like to indulge in aheavenly but more natural chocolate.

A delicious handmade blend of organic raw cacao and maplesyrup create a sumptuous paste. This natural chocolate pastewhen combined with hot milk (dairy or plant) creates a rich and indulgentchocolatey drink - plus so much more! It can be used in cooking, bakingand enjoyed on its own too.

Raw Cacao, sometimes called 'The Amazonian Superfood', issaid to have 40 times the antioxidant benefit of blueberries. It is alsoa great source of iron, magnesium, potassium andselenium. This delectable natural boost is said to havebeneficial effects for the heart, brain, muscle growth, digestion,anti-ageing, stress reduction and to be a natural mood elevator (itcertainly puts a smile on our faces!)

How to serve as a hot chocolate: Dollop half ateaspoon of the paste into a mug or pan, add milk, heat and stir! Ordrink cold by adding a splash of hot water then stirring in coldmilk. How to serve as a cold drink: Mix with a splash of hot water andthen stir in your cold milk to make a rich and refreshing treat.

Alternativeuses: Use Orange Cao to make choc orange brownies or mousse or simply pour overice cream.

Suitable for Vegans.

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Minimum quantity for "Natural Hot Chocolate, Mug & Marshmallow Dippers" is 1.

Classic: Organic raw cacao, maple syrup
Orange: Organic raw cacao, maple syrup, organic orange extract (orange extract, organic sunflower oil)
Malt: Organic raw cacao, maple syrup, Barley malt extract
Mint: Organic raw cacao, maple syrup, peppermint extract.
Allergens: BARLEY Malt Extract. Prepared in a kitchen where nuts, soya and eggs are present.

Marshmallows: British Sugar, Water, Glucose-Fructose Syrup, Modified Starch (Sago), Rice Starch, Vegetable Glycerine, Agar, Plant Derived Emulsifiers, Ascorbic Acid, Locust Bean Gum, Madagascan Vanilla Extract, Cornflour, Confectionery Sugar, Sea Salt
How to use: Dollop half a teaspoon of the paste into a mug or pan, add milk, heat and stir! Or drink cold by adding a splash of hot water then stirring in cold milk.
Also, great as a post work out treat, mixed into your smoothie or porridge, spread on toast, used to ice cakes or even with a little cream!

Cao is a wonderful range of natural, raw cacao hot chocolate pastes. Created by mother of 3, Lucinda, growing up on their family farm and within their catering business gave her a lifelong love of food and eating. She believes that there are few things as important as what, how and with who we eat. After university and continuing to work within the family restaurants, she gained a diploma from Le Cordon Bleu and a diploma in Dietary Therapy.

Cao is a true indulgence and can be appreciated in so many ways from hot or cold drinks to baking or eating straight from the jar! The pastes come in four flavours, Classic, Mint, Malt or Orange. All are dairy and caffeine free and are suitable for vegans. Classic, Mint and Orange are also gluten free.

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